FFRNS was the first mobile nuclear medicine company in the United States to offer a web-based viewing solution to our doctors. Our newest web-based addition, Thinking Systems, provides comprehensive PACS solutions for nuclear medicine as well as other modalities. It interfaces with our camera systems and allows for processing of the data into high-quality diagnostic images. The processed images can be viewed from Windows based PCs, Macs, mobile devices such as the iPad, Android devices, and Windows Mobile devices. This provides physicians with freedom and mobility. Without Thinking Systems, the doctor would need to purchase very expensive specialized software, which often exceeds $50,000 or have physical access to the nuclear medicine processing computer to accurately diagnose disease. Thinking Systems Cloud-based solutions offered by our service gives the doctor the ability to read the patient's study from anywhere in the world.

Thinking Systems is not limited to nuclear medicine ... we can take any DICOM image from any modality (CT, MRI, Ultrasound, PET, PET/CT, etc) and post your patient exams on our Thinking Systems server. All of this can be done while adhering to HIPAA rules and regulations. Contact us today to learn more about this Cloud-based reading solution.

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